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Take a leap forward in AAV gene therapy with PROGEN´s serotype-specific AAV ELISA Controls for standardized AAV titer determination.

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NEW! proflo His-tag quick test! 

Test PROGEN´s new proflo His-tag quick test for quick & easy monitoring of your His-tag proteins during expression, scale-up and purification.

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NEW serotype! AAVrh10 Titration ELISA!

Now available, the AAVrh10 Titration ELISA (PRAAV10), for reliable quantification of your AAVrh10 capsid titers.

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NEW! prohisto-HiSec anti-guinea pig HRP! 

Test our new IHC secondary antibody detection kit prohisto-HiSec anti-guinea pig HRP and benefit from our introductory offer until 31st December 2019. 

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NEW! Desmosome Antibodies now available in sample sizes & sets!

Get our convenient, ready-to-use sample size desmosome antibodies or our sample sets of common desmosome markers and find your reliable research tool to unravel desmosome adhesion. 

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NEW! prohisto IHC Staining Kits!

Now available, prohisto IHC staining kits, including the secondary antibody detection kits (prohisto-HiSec) as well as the DAB substrate kit (prohisto-HiVis) for visualization.

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NEW serotype! AAV3 Titration ELISA 2.0R!

Now available, the AAV3 Titration ELISA 2.0R (PRAAV3R), for reliable quantification of AAV3 capsid titers.

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NEW! AAV2 Titration ELISA 2.0R!

PROGEN now offers the new AAV2 Titration ELISA 2.0R, using the recombinant A20R antibody instead of the monoclonal A20.

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NEW! protag Single Domain Antibodies!

PROGEN now offers protag sdAbs as fluorescently labeled primary and secondary antibodies for protein detection as well as immobilized on agarose beads for protein purification.

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NEW! AAV Antibodies now available in sample size!

Get a selection of our AAV antibodies in convenient sample size. Available sample size antibodies are our anti-AAV intact particle antibodies against the AAV serotypes 1-12, except serotype 11.

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NEW! Perilipin Antibody sample sets!

Get our perilipin sample sets comprising the most common combinations of PROGEN´s perilipin antibodies. Available sets contain PLIN 1-5, PLIN 1,2,5 and PLIN 2,3,5, respectively.

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Serotype-specific AAV ELISA Controls for standardized AAV titer determination.

PROGEN´s business activities in times of the coronavirus crisis.

PROGEN is committed to provide optimal, uninterrupted support to our customers during the following weeks of the pandemic.

proflo His-tag quick test

PROGEN´s proflo His-tag quick test for quick & easy monitoring of your His-tag proteins.

AAVrh10 Titration ELISA

PROGEN now offers the AAVrh10 Titration ELISA for reliable quantification of AAVrh10 capsid titers.

Worldwide exclusive rights for AAV products

Worldwide exclusive rights for AAV products

Katja Betts and Maik Lander

PROGEN now with joint leadership

prohisto IHC Staining Kits

PROGEN now offers prohisto IHC staining kits for relaxed IHC handling!

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35 years passion for research

On October 23rd PROGEN celebrated the 35th anniversary of its antibody-based business.

IHC of human skin using a PROGEN anti-keratin antibody

PROGENs Head of Research & Development gives you an insight on how PROGEN validates its antibodies and what to consider to make the right antibody choice for your research application.

PROGEN receives research award for the second time