Binding Sites and Reactivity

Neutralizing Activity of the ADK6 Antibody

Neutr. activity pic Adk6

The ADK6 antibody (Cat. No. 610159) was tested for neutralization using different antibody concentrations. After the HeLa cells were seeded in a 96-well plate they were incubated for 48h with theAAV6 particles containing a GFP reporter and the indicated concentration of the ADK6 antibody.

The microscopic analysis of the cells clearly demonstrates the neutralizing activity of the ADK6 antibody by decreasing GFP expression with increasing antibody concentration.

Bennett, A. D. et al. AAV6 K531 serves a dual function in selective receptor and antibody ADK6 recognition. Virology518, 369-376 (2018)

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anti-AAV6 (intact particle) mouse monoclonal, ADK6, Biotin Conjugate
Cat. No. 615159
  • Biotin conjugate
  • Mouse monoclonal
  • Suitable for ELISA
  • Reacts with AAV6 intact particles
  • Isotype: IgG2a kappa

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