Simple PlexTM Assays for Viral Quantification

With the ever increasing time pressure on the gene therapy community, finding a fast and reproducible solution for viral capsid measurement is essential. This is why PROGEN and ProteinSimple have teamed up to combine our reliable AAV Particle Antibodies with the convenient workflow and robustness of ProteinSimple's automated immunoassay system. 

  • Exclusively detect intact AAV capsids in bioprocess samples 
  • Measure viral titer across a broad dynamic range
  • Quantify viral titer of AAV capsids
  • Hands free automation when using the Ella platform

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Your Simple Plex Assays Benefits

Reliable: Simple Plex AAV assays are available for AAV1, AAV2, AAV6 and AAV8. All assays have been developed based on our well-established PROGEN ELISA using our renowned AAV particle antibodies specifically detecting fully assembled AAV capsids. 

Quick: The automated process using the Biotechne Ella platform decreases hands-on time, whilst keeping the accuracy and efficiency of the conventional PROGEN ELISAs.

Reproducible: The factory calibrated cartridges combined with the automatized process reduces user-dependent variables as well as processing times. 

Accurate: Combining the easy-to-use Ella system and the proven specificity of PROGENs AAV ELISA components ensures high accuracy with low inter- and intra-assay variabilities. 

Easy-to-use: The Simple Plex AAV assays are automated and the microfluidic cartridge is pre-loaded, allowing you to easily implement into your workflow.

Bio-Techne and PROGEN Introduce New Simple Plex AAV2 Immunoassay

PRESS RELEASE: Simple Plex AAV2 assay combines the scalability and automation of Ella with best-in-class AAV reagents from PROGEN

MINNEAPOLIS, July 28, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Bio-Techne Corporation (NASDAQ: TECH) and PROGEN today announced the launch of the Simple Plex™ Adeno-Associated Virus (AAV2) viral titer assay for AAV2 total capsid quantification. Bio-Techne, owner of the leading ProteinSimple branded protein analysis portfolio of products, and PROGEN will offer the Simple Plex AAV2 viral titer assay on Ella™ instruments, its multiplexing immunoassay system.
Combining the efficiency and reproducibility of the established AAV2 ELISAs from PROGEN with the convenient workflow and robustness of the Ella platform, the Simple Plex AAV2 viral titer assay offers a broad dynamic range and hands-free automation to accelerate cell and gene therapy process development. Featuring antibodies from PROGEN, the Simple Plex AAV2 viral titer assay detects assembled viral capsids as well as the comprehensively characterized AAV2 standard to deliver industry leading specificity.

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