Rapid AAV Titer Determination

In both academia and industry, AAV is the most commonly used viral vector for the delivery of therapeutic transgenes. However, testing individual and crude AAV samples quickly during development and manufacturing is often difficult. Most accurate analytical AAV tools are not convenient for single sample measurements and/or require highly purified samples.

PROGEN's AAV Dip'n'Check lateral flow tests are a
quick and easy in-process control for AAV capsid purification processes or for analytical pre-testing. A lateral flow sandwich assay for the semi-quantitative detection of fully assembled AAV capsids using PROGEN's exclusive AAV antibodies. 

Available for AAV1, AAV2, AAV3, AAV6, AAV8 and AAV9. 

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Your AAV Dip'n'Check Benefits

Reliable in-process control: can be easily implemented both during AAV manufacturing or as a tool to analyze further downstream processes

Fast results: only takes 20 minutes from start to finish

Easy to use: an easy to follow 4-step protocol and easy to use lateral flow test

Suitable for all preparations: can be used with crude lysate or purified AAV material 

Capsid-specific: AAV particle antibodies have a binding affinity to the epitopes present only on fully assembled AAV capsids


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What customers are saying

"Dip'n'Check AAV Kits from PROGEN are very easy to use. Semi-quantative readout

by analysing strips with image analysis software tracked extremely well with qPCR-based viral genome titer assays in our hands."

Tomasz Witkos, AstraZeneca

"For rapid confirmation of AAV production, the PROGEN Dip'n'Check Strips are fantastic."

Analytics Team Leader

"These test strips were a perfect way to confirm which PROGEN ELISA kit to use when dealing with serotypes that have variations."


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AAV Dip'n'Check FAQs

No, the Dip’n’Check assay detects all assembled capsids independent of filling grade.

The Dip’n’Check assay can be used with crude lysate. To find out more about the concentrations of tested tolerated buffer additives take a look in the product manual and go to Section 10 - Matrix Effects or you can also find Table 1 - Concentrations of tolerated buffer additives on the individual product website pages. 

The AAV Dip'n'Check test can be used for a variety of applications:

  1.  To compare AAV titers from different AAV preparations. With this information you can select the most promising sample for further processing. 
  2.  To estimate AAV titers in crude and purified AAV preparations. To either control efficiency of your processes or to pre-test AAV concentrations to hit the dynamic range of downstream analytics. 
  3.  To test the binding of common AAV antibodies to an AAV capsid variant. Allowing you to confirm which antibody-based methods are suitable for further analysis. 

More information about the determination of the Dip’n’Check can be found on our poster: Potential Applications for AAV Lateral Flow Tests

The lateral flow assay detects 1E+08 to 1E+10 total capsids in the assay volume, which corresponds to a concentration of 1E+09-1E+11 capsids/ml of the starting material.

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