AAV ELISA Figure 1 Showing variance within laboratories

AAV Dip'n'Check Lateral Flow Tests

Rapid AAV Titer Determination

A quick and easy in-process control for AAV capsid purification processes or for analytical pre-testing. PROGEN’s Dip’n’Check AAV is a lateral flow sandwich assay for the semi-quantitative detection of fully assembled AAV capsids using serotype-specific antibodies. 

Product features include: 

  • Reliable in-process control - during AAV manufacturing or to analyze further downstream processes

  • Fast results - 20 minutes from start to finish

  • Easy to use - for a rapid estimate and comparison of AAV capsid titers

  • Suitable for all preparations - crude lysate or purified AAV material

  • Serotype-specific - analyze binding affinity of AAV particle antibodies to AAV capsid variants

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What customers are saying

"Dip'n'Check AAV Kits from PROGEN are very easy to use.
Semi-quantative readout by analysing strips with image analysis software tracked
extremely well with qPCR-based viral genome titer assays in our hands."

Tomasz Witkos, AstraZeneca

"For rapid confirmation of AAV production,
the PROGEN Dip'n'Check Strips are fantastic."

Analytics Team Leader

"These Test strips were a perfect way to confirm which
PROGEN ELISA kit to use when dealing with serotypes that have variations.”"


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