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Easy-to-use AAV Particle Purification

Established purification method for AAV particles

OptiPrep is a ready-made endotoxin tested solution and is an industry standard in AAV gene therapy as a density gradient medium for purifying AAV particles. 

Density gradient centrifugation has always played an important role in the concentration and purification of virus particles. OptiPrep is a particularly effective isolation method as it causes little or no damage to viral particles. This is advantageous for AAV vectors.

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Your OptiPrep Benefits

Saves time:
 unlike alternative purification methods, such as sucrose and CsCI, OptiPrep does not need to be removed by pelleting for most downstream processes. 

Not destructive: OptiPrep causes little or no damage to virus particles. Unlike sucrose and CsCI which are highly hyperosmotic at the densities required to purify viruses, which can in turn alter the purified virus. 

Greater recovery rate: ten times greater than CsCI gradient alternatives.  

Higher infectivity titer: OptiPrep does not cause toxic effects. So measurements and analyses following purification can be carried out without having to remove OptiPrep. This produces a  higher infectivity titer as the material can be used without further handling and consequent damage. 

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