Reference Material to ensure validation and qualification of your AAV products


AAV standard materials form the foundations of modern molecular biology research in ensuring validation and qualification. These meticulously engineered tools have gained widespread recognition for their remarkable safety profile and efficiency, making them a must have in the development of therapies using our genes.

These full capsid standardized AAV materials have been carefully crafted to meet stringent quality control criteria, ensuring reproducibility and consistency across labs as well as from start to finish of your AAV process.

Available for AAV1, AAV2, AAV3, AAV5, AAV6, AAV8 and AAV9, AAVrh10 and AAVrh74. 

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AAV Standard Material Benefits

Industry-established standards:

Containing the most commonly used and well-known combination of an eGFP transgene with a CMV promoter.

Comprehensive characterization:

Provided with a precisely determined genome and capsid titer as well as an accurate full/empty ratio allowing precise and consistent characterization of your final product. Our full capsid standard materials all have a filling grade of >70%.

Flexible use for a variety of applications:

High virus titers > 1.0E+12 vg/ml and liquid formulation (PBS with 0.014% Tween, 1 mM MgCl2 and 2.5 mM KCl) allow full capsids to be used as a reference material in a variety of applications.


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What customers are saying

The use of AAV5 standard material (eGFP) from PROGEN has been key during validation of the empty/full determination functionality of the Refeyn SamuxMP.

Director, Product Management, Refeyn

Verification of Full-Empty Ratio of PROGENs Gold Standards with Orthogonal Methods

This poster presents a study on current orthogonal methods for determining the full/empty ratio and their comparability using PROGEN's established gold standard material data.  

Key Highlights

  • electron microscopy analysis
  • analytical ultracentrifugation analysis
  • mass photometry analysis
  • charge detection mass spectrometry analysis


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AAV Standard Material FAQs

High virus titers > 1.0E+12 vg/ml and liquid formulation (PBS with 0.014% Tween, 1 mM MgCl2 and 2.5 mM KCl) allow the use as a reference material in a variety of applications e.g. PCR, BLI, SEC-MALS, mass photometry, infectivity and many more.

The AAV capsids titer is measured by our PROGEN ELISAs and the genomic titer is measured by qPCR using eGFP primers.

Please have a look for the table below to see the combination of plasmids used for the production of our AAV standard material: 

Serotype Transfer vector Packaging plasmid Helper plasmid
AAV3 pAAV-CMV-eGFP-WPRE  pRep2-Cap3  pHelper 
AAV6 pAAV-CMV-eGFP-WPRE  pRep2-Cap6  pHelper 
AAV8 pAAV-CMV-eGFP-WPRE  pRep2-Cap8  pHelper 
AAV9 pAAV-CMV-eGFP-WPRE  pRep2-Cap9  pHelper 
AAVrh10 pAAV-CMV-eGFP-WPRE  pRep2-Caprh10  pHelper 
AAVrh74 pAAV-CMV-eGFP-WPRE  pRep2-Caprh74  pHelper 

Our AAV standard material contains the most commonly used and well known combination of an eGFP transgene with a CMV promoter

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