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anti-p100 Nuclear Coactivator Protein guinea pig polyclonal, serum

Useful for localization of p100 present in the nucleus, in the ER and in lipid droplets of milk-secreting cells; also in storage lipid droplets from adipocytes.
Cat. No.: GP25
Quantity:  100 µL
No. of experiments:  ≤ 400 (IHC, 50 µl/slide); ≤ 40 (WB, 5 ml reaction volume)

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Product description

Host guinea pig
Antibody Type polyclonal
Immunogen synthetic duplicated C-terminus of human p100 protein conjugated to KLH
Purification stabilized antiserum
Conjugate unconjugated
Formulation contains 0.09% sodium azide and 0.5% BSA
Storage short term at 2-8°C; long term storage in aliquots at -20°C; avoid freeze/ thaw cycles
No. of experiments ≤ 400 (IHC, 50 µl/slide); ≤ 40 (WB, 5 ml reaction volume)
Note centrifuge prior to opening
Intended use Research use only
Tested species reactivity bovine, drosophila, human, mouse, rat


Tested applications Tested dilutions
Immunohistochemistry (IHC) - frozen 1:100 - 1:200
Western Blot (WB) 1:2,000



p100 is a ubiquitously expressed protein highly conserved during evolution, enhancing e.g. transciptional activity of EBNA2 of EBV, bridging STAT6 with the basal transcription machinery, also described as a part of the RNA polymerase II holoenzyme (Yang et al.). The antiserum localized p100 also in the ER and lipid droplets of milk secreting cells. In addition to the nuclear localization the protein was also detected in cytosolic fractions from lactating mammary gland, in storage lipid droplets from adipocytes and in ER from liver (Keenan et al.).

Reactivity on cultured cell lines: BMGE (bovine mammary epithelial cells).

Yang J, Aittomäki S, Pesu M, Carter K, Saarinen J, Kalkkinnen N, Kieff E, Silvennoinen O: Identification of p100 as a coactivator for STAT6 that bridges STAT6 with RNA polymerase II. EMBO J 21, 4950-4958 (2002).
Keenan TW, Winter S, Rackwitz HR, Heid HW: Nuclear coactivator protein p100 is present in endoplasmic reticulum and lipid droplets of milk secreting cells. Biochim Biophys Acta 1523, 84-90 (2000).


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