of multiple rounds of antigen-guided selection and phage reproduction.
process of antibody phage display starts with the preparation of an antibody-library and the ligation
of antibody variable heavy (VH) and light chain (VL) PCR products into a phage display vector (phagemid
antibody phage display technology has proven to be a robust platform to discover human antibodies and
it is a powerful tool do improve the properties of antibodies.
The Hyperphage System Antibody Library Preparation The first step is to create antibody variable heavy
Antibody PCR products are ligated into the pSEX81 surface expression vector (phagemid).
Suitable Products for this step Phage Titration ELISA anti-M13/fd/F1 Filamentous Phages mouse monoclonal
antibody fragment.
As the expression vector contains a c-Myc and His-tag, the expressed antibody fragment can be purified
for ICC, IF, IP, WB Browse our p62 Antibodies .d
antibodies enable the immunodetection of p62/SQSTM1 and are mentioned in these guidelines as useful
The p62 protein plays an important role in ubiquitin-associated degradation and autophagy where it acts
Since 2000 when they were first sold by PROGEN, the p62 antibodies have been cited in numerous relevant
reagents for autophagy research.PROGEN offers two anti-p62 guinea pig polyclonal sera that detect either
phase for DNA synthesis, G2 in which the cell grows and prepares for mitosis and finally M phase in
proper replication and division.
PROGEN enables and improves research in this area by providing high quality antibodies specific against
a variety of cell cycle proteins like checkpoint proteins (anti-CDK4 and anti-CDK6) and tumor suppressors
(anti-p16, anti-p21, anti-p53).
Bio-Techne and PROGEN Introduce New Simple Plex AAV2 Immunoassay PRESS RELEASE: Simple Plex AAV2 assay
, July 28, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Bio-Techne Corporation (NASDAQ: TECH) and PROGEN today announced the
Bio-Techne, owner of the leading ProteinSimple branded protein analysis portfolio of products, and PROGEN
dynamic range and hands-free automation to accelerate cell and gene therapy process development.
Featuring antibodies from PROGEN, the Simple Plex AAV2 viral titer assay detects assembled viral capsids
with the legal requirements in order to establish an appropriate level of data protection and agree
and without any negative consequences for you.to request from us that processing be restricted if one
of the prerequisites listed in Art. 18 of the GDPR is provided.to object at any time to the processing
to another administrative or judicial remedy and if you believe that the processing of your personal
, in particular by reference to an identifier such as a name, an identification number, location data
PROGEN offers a selecion of different antibodies against all 5 perilipin subtypes (PLIN1-PLIN5) for a
marker (de novo expressed in hepatocyte steatogenesis) View PLIN1 Antibodies
View PLIN2 Antibodies
View PLIN3 Antibodies Perilipin 4
hydrophobic substances View PLIN4 Antibodies
The combination of the prohisto-HiSec and prohisto-HiVis IHC kits allows an easy establishment of IHC
The secondary antibody detection (prohisto-HiSec) and visualization with the DAB substrate (prohisto-HiVis
´s primary IHC antibodies.
The prohisto-HiSec and prohisto-HiVis are also available as set, including the secondary antibody detection
(either anti-guinea pig, anti-mouse or anti-rabbit) and the DAB substrate (prohisto-HiVis).
The AAV particle antibodies recognize conformational epitopes of the viral capsid proteins that are only
However, for some of the antibodies some cross-reactivity is known (for more information, please see
the specific AAV particle antibodies by AAV serotype below).
The AAV particle antibodies are useful for the following processes: Study fully assembled and intact
antibodies in patients serumDetermine protein-protein interaction or to purify virus preparations by
Uses for Particle Antibodies   Analyze: track virus particle location and identify protein-protein
interactionsPurify: suitable for AAV particle purification by affinity chromatographyCharacterize
: determine your AAV capsid titers Control: analyze the condition of your AAV particlesMonitor:&
nbsp;use as a positive control for neutralization assays with patient sera
at the time of the placing of an order.
The customer gets the possibility to print and download the General Terms and Conditions on a durable
and shipping address, the ordering company name and VAT number and choose a password.
PROGEN may save and process any data relating to the customer and customer’s users, to the extent
necessary for the purpose of the execution and implementation of the order and as long as PROGEN is
Beside our portfolio of reliable and highly published antibodies, PROGEN also provides a selection of
antibody based and related products.
Our antigens and controls consist of purified proteins and specific validated cell lysates that can be
proteomics and the improvement of universal libraries for antibody isolation.
We further provide research use only (RUO) tests for the detection of pathogen specific antibodies from
Monitor and optimize your AAV production Progress into clinical trials and an increasing demand for AAV
and high quality AAV particles in clinical scale quantities.
  A comprehensive monitoring of VP1, VP2, and VP3 protein concentrations and their molar ratios
is an effective tool to monitor the potency and the correct assembly early on in the production process
  Available for AAV2, AAV5, AAV6, AAV8 and AAV9. Shop Protein Standards  
The PROGEN portfolio contains about 20 antibodies against 4 species for research use.
Get into the flow by combining PROGEN´s primary and secondary antibodies for your immunostaining.
The primary and secondary antibodies offered by PROGEN are carefully tested for combined use.
•    Antibodies offered are basically monoclonal and polyclonal IgGs.
antibodies) View Secondary Antibodies
PROGEN offers a comprehensive portfolio, containing different antibodies against all desmosome proteins
Our desmosome antibodies are highly published and have been independently validated for relevant applications
Browse Desmocollin Antibodies Browse Desmoglein Antibodies
Browse Plakoglobin Antibodies Browse Plakophilin Antibodies
Browse Desmoplakin Antibodies .card { /* Add shadows
Finding reliable antibodes can be difficult.
In order to provide data and to validate the selectivity and specifity of our keratin antibody portfolio
This technique allows us to precisely identify the binding epitope sequence of antibodies along with
a broad specificity profile.
of finding reliable antibodies.
The use of recombinant proteins for cell biological studies including protein-protein interactions, posttranslational
To allow rapid identification, modification, production, isolation & purification of proteins/molecules
suitable tools including antibodies specifically targeting the protein of interest are needed.
A convenient molecular method is the fusion of known protein tags, with high affinity to a specific ligand
, to a recombinantly expressed protein.
Osmosis occurs, for example, in plasmolysis but also in the light reaction of photosynthesis and in the
An example is Na+-K+ pump (nervous system) and glucose transporter (sugar uptake into the cell).
Voltage-gated sodium or potassium channels of the nerve cell are an example.Cell transport can also be
Important structural proteins are keratin and myosin.Furthermore, there are communication proteins that
View Transport Antibodies
Rapid AAV Titer Determination A quick and easy in-process control for AAV capsid purification processes
or analytical pre-testing.
detection of fully assembled AAV capsids using serotype-specific antibodies.
  Product benefits:  Reliable in-process control - during AAV manufacturing or to analyze
purified AAV material Serotype-specific - analyze binding affinity of AAV particle antibodies to AAV
Exclusive AAV Antibodies for AAV-based projects AAV antibodies are useful for the characterization of
PROGEN has been manufacturing antibodies since 1983 and is ISO13485 certified.
AAV capsid protein antibodies that specifically react with denatured AAV capsid proteins and thereby
AAV particle antibodies that specifically react with intact AAV particles, i.e. empty and full capsids
  Human Chimeric AAV Antibodies are based on establised AAV particle antibody clones keeping the
The pancreas is an elongated glandular organ, which is located secondarily retroperitoneal in the upper
It consists of an endocrine and an exocrine part, of which the largest part represents the exocrine part
The exocrine part is responsible for the production of digestive enzymes and secretions, making the pancreas
View Pancreas Antibodies
OptiPrepTM for AAV Particle Purification Iodixanol-OptiPrepTM is an industry standard in AAV gene therapy
as a density gradient medium for purifying AAV particles.
Density gradient centrifugation has always played an important role in the concentration and purification
Therefore, measurements and analyses following purification can be carried out without having to remove
is an established method to purify AAV particles.
A monoclonal antibody specific for a conformational epitope on assembled AAV capsids is coated onto a
microtiter plate to capture fully assembled AAV particles from the specimen.
 Captured AAV particles are detected in a two step process.
  A biotin-conjugated monoclonal AAV antibody is bound to the captured AAV particles.
The absorbance is measured photometrically at 450nm and is relative to the number of specifically bound
Their main function is the production of glucocorticoids, mineralocorticoids and sex hormones, which
The glucocorticoids inhibit the immune defense as well as inflammatory processes and contribute to the
provision of energy by fat and protein breakdown and glycogenesis.
Mineral corticoids have a paracrine effect in the kidney and influence blood pressure through reabsorption
Furthermore, androgens such as estrogens and progestin and catecholamines such as epinephrine and norepinephrine
Any organism that can cause a disease can be described as a pathogen, including bacteria and viruses
as well as protozoans, prions, viroids, or fungi.
However, parasites do not belong to the group of pathogens.  View our Pathogen Antibodies
to monitor the validity of your results and to ensure comparability of your assays.
  Ensure safety: comparability of data across assays and labs provides a reliable safety evaluation
Comprehensive characterization: all products are comprehensively characterized and provided with precisely
Quality control: PROGEN´s AAV Standards must pass established QC standard protocols based on our
Off-the-shelf: Ready-to-use and off-the shelf products, making sure your waiting time is as minimal as
Tag Antibodies Are you working with protein tags for purification or to ensure proper detection of
your recombinant fusion protein?
View our Tag Antibodies for purification and detection of the most commonly used protein tags.
The process of gene expression always starts with the transcription, the production of an RNA copy from
Two major modifications are the 5´capping and the 3´cleavage and polyadenylation which is crucial for
Alternative splicing is a variation of this process where some introns or exons can be retained and create
an alternativ RNA sequence from the same gene.
This allows the production of different proteins from the same genomic sequence and increases the size

32 products found for "anti p62"

Highly published
anti-p62/ SQSTM1 (C-terminus) guinea pig polyclonal, serum
Cat. No. GP62-C
  • Guinea pig polyclonal
  • Suitable for IHC and WB
  • Reacts with bovine, human, mouse and rat

Highly published
anti-p62/ SQSTM1 (C-terminus) + positive western blot control
Cat. No. GP62-C-WBC
  • Set provides anti-p62 antibody and associated western blot control - positively tested PLC cell lysate.
  • The anti-p62 antibody is useful for research in ubiquitin-associated degradation and autophagy.

Highly published
anti-p62/ SQSTM1 (C-terminus) guinea pig polyclonal + anti-guinea pig IgG HRP set
Cat. No. 71001
The set provides primary anti-p62 guinea pig polyclonal antibody and secondary anti-guinea pig IgG HRP antibody for Western blot.
The anti-p62 antibody is useful for research in ubiquitin-associated degradation and autophagy.

Positive western blot control: anti-p62/SQSTM1 antibody
Cat. No. 64006
  • Whole cell lysate from PLC human hepatoma cell line (PLC/PRF/5)
  • Validated and tested western blot control for: anti-p62 / SQSTM1 (C-terminus) guinea pig polyclonal antibody, Cat. No. GP62-C

anti-Desmoyokin guinea pig polyclonal, serum
Cat. No. GP60
  • Guinea pig polyclonal
  • Suitable for IHC, IP and WB
  • Reacts with bovine and human

anti-Phakinin guinea pig polyclonal, serum
Cat. No. GP63
  • Guinea pig polyclonal
  •  Suitable for IHC and WB
  • Reacts with bovine and human

anti-Perilipin 3 (C-terminus) guinea pig polyclonal, serum
Cat. No. GP32
  • Guinea pig polyclonal
  • Suitable for IHC and WB
  • Reacts with human

anti-Cingulin guinea pig polyclonal, serum
Cat. No. GP26
  • Guinea pig polyclonal
  • Suitable for ICC/IF, IHC and WB
  • Reacts with bovine, human, mouse and rabbit

anti-Perilipin 2 (mouse N-terminus) guinea pig polyclonal, serum
Cat. No. GP42
  • Guinea pig polyclonal
  • Suitable for ICC/IF, IHC and WB
  • Reacts with mouse

anti-Periplakin guinea pig polyclonal, serum
Cat. No. GP61
  • Guinea pig polyclonal
  • Suitable for IHC, IP and WB
  • Reacts with bovine and human