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anti-AAV1 (intact particle) mouse monoclonal, ADK1a, Biotin Conjugate

Specifically detects AAV1 intact virus particles, both empty and full capsids. ADK1a recognizes a conformational epitope of assembled capsids, not present in denatured and native unassembled capsid proteins. Not suitable for Immunoblotting. In immunofluorescence, a week cross-reactivity was observed with AAV6 and AAV12. No reaction with other AAV serotypes.

The ADK1a antibody is used as capture and detection antibody in the AAV1 Titration ELISA (PRAAV1).

Cat. No.: 615150
Quantity:  750 µL

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anti-AAV1 (intact particle) mouse monoclonal, ADK1a

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anti-AAV1 (intact particle) mouse monoclonal, ADK1a

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Product description

Host mouse
Antibody Type monoclonal
Isotype IgG2a lambda
Clone ADK1a
Immunogen AAV1 capsids
Purification affinity chromatography
Conjugate biotin
Formulation lyophilized; reconstitute with 750 µl sterile PBS
Storage store at 2-8°C
Intended use Research use only
Tested species reactivity AAV1, AAV6, AAV12


Tested applications Tested dilutions
ELISA 1:80



For characterization of different stages of infection and very useful for the analysis of the AAV assembly process. ADK1a specifically reacts with intact adeno-associated virus particles, empty and full capsids. Recognizes a conformational epitope of assembled capsids, not present in denatured capsid proteins and native but unassembled capsid proteins. The antibody cannot be used for immunoblotting.

Limited Use Label License: Research Use Only
Product is exclusively licensed to PROGEN Biotechnik GmbH. The use of these products for the development, manufacturing and sale of secondary products/derivatives which are based on the purchased products and/or which include the purchased product require a royalty based sub-license agreement.


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