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NEW! Perilipin Antibodies PLIN1-5 now available in sample size!

Get our sample size perilipin antibody in order to find your reliable research tool for tackling lipid metabolism research. 

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NEW! Confirm your keratin data with western blot controls!

PROGEN now offers a selection of keratin antibodies with individually tested positive western blot controls.

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NEW! Validate your p62 autophagy research with western blot controls!

Get PROGEN's widely cited p62/SQSTM1 C-terminal antibody along with a validated positive control to verify your western blot data.

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Cancer antibody p53 – sample size now available

Detect the p53 tumor suppressor protein and test our trusted mouse monoclonal antibodies for your cancer or cell cycle research.

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Continue to unravel the mechanisms for autophagy & use PROGEN’s p62/SQSTM1 antibodies to monitor degradation!

The dependable antibodies enable the immunodetection of p62/SQSTM1 by western blot and immunohistochemistry and are ideal tools to study ubiquitin-associated degradation. The antibodies have been cited in numerous relevant papers and are recognized by researchers worldwide as  reliable reagents for autophagy research.

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AAV-6 and AAV-9 Titration ELISA Kits - Now available!

Two of the most promising serotypes in gene therapy using adeno associated virus (AAV) are AAV-6 and AAV-9. While AAV-9 is a potent tool for the delivery of genes into the central nervous-system, AAV-6 is an ideal vector for gene transfer into heart and skeletal muscle. PROGEN now launched two new AAV Titration ELISA kits for the quantification of AAV-9 and AAV-6 particles.

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AAV Quantification ELISAs for Gene Therapy Research
Adeno associated virus (AAV) is a viral vector used in somatic gene therapy. Purification and capsid titer determination of AAV-vectors are critical steps for the assessment of correct AAV-concentrations, especially in the development of safe and effective gene therapies. PROGEN offers a unique range of AAV-titration ELISA kits that specifically recognise intact AAV particles (AAV-1, -2, -5, -8 and -6). These ELISA kits have earned reference standard status in gene therapy centres worldwide.

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PROGEN receives research award for the second time

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Key to safe and effective AAV gene delivery
Adeno-associated-viruses (AAV) are powerful tools in gene therapy
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Antibody and secondary antibody survey
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2018 CiteAb Awards badge

PROGEN "highly commended" in 2018 CiteAb Award antibody validation category

Labeling of skin cells with PROGEN's keratin antibody

PROGEN now official supplier of EuroProxima’s research antibodies


PEPperPRINT and PROGEN develop new test for early diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis

Density gradient media
Changes to Axis-Shield density gradient media announced