AAV ELISA Controls

Positive Controls for your AAV ELISA

AAV ELISA controls can be used as positive controls with the corresponding AAV ELISAs. They consist of fully assembled, empty AAV particles and have been characterized according to our internally established reference standard material or in the case of AAV2 and AAV8 according to international reference standards. 

Internal reference standard material contains a GFP reporter gene and has been characterized by qPCR & ddPCR (DNA quantification) as well as electron microscopy including negative stain EM and cryo EM (ratio of full to empty capsids).

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Product Features

  • Suitable as a positive control for AAV ELISA

  • Several AAV serotypes available

  • Consists of fully assembled empty AAV capsids

  • Represents serotype-specific conformational epitopes

  • Quality controlled according to PROGEN´s established QC standards

  • Available immediately – product ready to ship

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Available Serotypes

AAV1, AAV2, AAV3, AAV5, AAV6, AAV8 and AAV9

The team at PROGEN work closely with gene therapy specialists worldwide and develop our product portfolio in response to requests and needs from the industry.

Products are continuously being developed and added to our portfolio.

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